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Huff Post names Prantl's Bakery burnt almond torte ‘best cake in America'


PITTSBURGH - The Huffington Post has officially declared Prantl’s Bakery burnt almond torte the “best cake in America.”

In an article published Monday, the writer says “. It is just a damn good cake -- and taking a bite out of one is like reaching into the sky and stuffing a cloud into your mouth.”

“To say that the burnt almond torte is light and airy doesn't even begin to describe the texture of this cake. It is beyond that. This cake is so airy it tastes like the idea of a cake, one that can only be tasted in the best of dreams.

Only it does exist in real life -- in Pittsburgh, PA, to be exact-- and it is frosted with the lightest of buttercreams (of course) and then dressed in candied toasted almonds.”

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