• Humane officers: Dog in Sharpsburg house could have been on its own for a year


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - Only Channel 11 was there on Friday when humane officers raided a Sharpsburg home and found a pet abandoned inside.

    Officers think the dog was left to fend for itself for up to a year. 

    “This dog is so severely matted, we can’t tell if it’s a male or female,” said officer Robert Fredley.

    The officers showed up after getting calls from neighbors who said the home was abandoned after the original owner died.

    At first, officers thought the dog was taken, but then they heard it.

    Officers said the dog was living in its own waste with no food or water. 

    Channel 11 saw trash with flies in the backyard.  A dead mice was on the floor inside.

    Neighbor Jeanie Eichner said the owner’s son lived there and moved out.

    “I’m real upset. I feel bad for the dog,” she said.

    Channel 11’s Timyka Artist spoke with the owner who was living a few blocks away. He said he fell on hard times and regrets leaving the dog in those conditions.

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