Humane officers rescue 7 dogs left in cold at Penn Hills home


PENN HILLS, Pa. - Seven dogs were rescued from a Penn Hills home Friday, one of the coldest days of the year.

Faybern Drive residents reported that the dogs were in bad shape and that no one was living at the home.

Humane officers found five of the dogs outside in the cold, while two puppies were left inside the home in filthy crates.

“It’s been about four days since they had food or water that they can actually eat and drink. They all have paw injuries and probably some infections,” said Humane Officer Kathy Hecker.

One of the dogs had a severe leg injury.

The official low in Pittsburgh Friday morning was minus 10 degrees, breaking a record of minus 2 set in 1936, according to Severe Weather Team 11 chief meteorologist Stephen Cropper.

In the city of Pittsburgh, people can be cited for leaving animals outside in the cold for more than 30 minutes.

Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic went out with Pittsburgh animal control officers to see how the ordinance is being enforced. While with the officers, a call came in for a dog left out in the cold.

At the time the dog was found, the temperature was minus 4 degrees, 36 degrees colder than the allowed temperature in the ordinance that specifies how long animals can be left outside. But the dog was only outside for 15 minutes, so the owner was not cited.

“We’re always checking on these animals and making sure they've been kept safely. It's really nice to have a law on the books that allows us to really enforce it,” said Supervisor for Animal Care & Control Taylor Sumansky.

The ordinance went into effect in December. Sumansky said she has not yet had to issue any citations.




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