• ‘I was drunk on wine': Woman changes story after telling police her boyfriend tried to kill her


    A woman who originally told police that her boyfriend held her captive for five days, beat her and threatened to kill her, has now changed her story.

    Police paperwork indicates that Veronica Sims called 911 earlier this month and told police that James Lang tried to kill her at their Derry Township home.

    But when James appeared in court Wednesday, Sims’ said that’s not what happened.

    “We were getting along. I told them five days because I was drunk on wine when the cops came,” Sims said.

    Investigators said there was evidence that Sims was injured citing bruises, cuts and scrapes on her face, arms and legs.

    According to investigators, Lang told Sims he would slit her throat, “just like his daughter’s.” Sims’ daughter was murdered several years ago, police said.

    Despite Sims’ offer to testify on behalf of the defense, a judge decided not to drop the case.

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