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Ice buildups on roads, sidewalks upset many Channel 11 viewers (Photos)



PITTSBURGH - Residents of one Brentwood neighborhood found themselves digging their cars out of several inches of ice Tuesday morning.

Channel 11’s Vince Sims reported a 6-inch cast iron line broke, leaving about 30 customers without water. However, even more people were affected by the run-off water.

“Everyone's car is 2 or 3 inches deep in ice,” Pyramid Avenue resident Brad Rockwell said. “There are multiple people out here trying to break their cars out using anything they have.”

Rockwell said he and other people stuck used anything they could get their hands on, including baseball bats.

“Now I’m using and working with empty milk jugs, filling them with hot water and trying to melt (the ice) around it,” Rockwell said.

Pennsylvania American Water crews repaired the break and tried to melt the ice, but some damage was already done.

“Why did it have to happen on a day this cold?” Silvio Chiovitti said about the break. “This isn’t normal weather. There has to be some better way to deal with situations like this.”

In addition to Brentwood, Mt. Oliver residents reported problems with ice on Tuesday.

Sims (@VinceWPXI) reported a waterline leak that has lasted several days has built up a sheet of ice on Ormsby Avenue.

“As you can tell, the fire hydrant is non-accessible. If someone goes on that, they’re going to fall. It’s definitely a safety and fire hazard,” Michael Ostrelich said.

The ice buildup is affecting several people, including Christina Rivera.

“This is ridiculous. That broke last Thursday and they just let the water run down the street. They didn’t even bother to fix it. Our cars got stuck and we’ve been digging out for four days. This is ridiculous,” Rivera said.

PA American Water crews arrived at the scene Tuesday in an effort to clear some of the ice.