• Increased police presence on I-70 in Washington Co. pays off


    WASHINGTON, Pa. - State police in Washington County are cracking down on dangerous driving on Interstate 70.

    Troopers told Channel 11 News the crackdown started last month, and they’re already seeing results.

    In May, troopers handed out 479 traffic citations for everything from speeding to following too closely.

    Officials said I-70 in Washington County usually sees about 25 accidents per month, but in May, there were only seven.

    Police said the crackdown was a response to an increase in traffic because of the oil and gas industry.

    However, those drivers said the crashes aren’t necessarily their fault.

    “When you are driving a big truck, you can’t stop on a dime. People get right in front of you. As soon as they get past you in the fast lane, they swing in front of you like they’re in a hurry. They’re going to get themselves killed,” said Scott Roach, an oil and gas industry truck driver.

    State police said drivers can expect to see more troopers patrolling I-70 in the future as they continue their efforts to reduce crashes.

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