• Investigators: Father of 2 found dead in Oakland was slain


    OAKLAND, Pa. - A missing father of two was found dead over the weekend, and on Tuesday, investigators said he was killed.
    Andrew McMunn was only 23 years old when detectives found his bruised and bloodied body on a North Oakland hillside Saturday.
    "This is the first anything like this has ever happened.  I've been here since '71, and this is the first time anything remotely like this has ever happened,” said Dan Pagath who lives on Melwood Avenue.
    Pagath said investigators told him McMunn was badly beaten and meticulously covered in leaves and debris.
    McMunn had been missing for days. His family members went on Facebook asking for help.  Their worst fears were realized on Saturday afternoon when homicide detectives discovered his body.
    The family said investigators tracked McMunn's cellphone to Arnold, but other than that, there are very few leads.

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