IUP students charged in brawl face judge


INDIANA, Pa. - Indiana University of Pennsylvania students charged in a St. Patrick’s Day party brawl faced a judge Monday.

Two students were charged in part for joining in a fight with two other teenagers.

Another student is accused of following officers, taunting them and encouraging others to fight with police.  His mom was by his side in court.

Video of the alleged incident surfaced on social media.

“Obviously with an incident like this, I call it mayhem and with the prevalence of social media, it makes our job much easier,” said Tom Dessel of Indiana police.

The chaos caused parts of Indiana to shut down, as a mob of unruly students moved through the town, police said.

“What’s serious is the fact they’re stopping vehicles on the roadway and jumping on them.  Someone could have gotten run over.  Two, you have groups of kids fighting,” said Dessel.

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