• Jeannette restaurant loses beer, liquor during unusual robbery


    JEANNETTE, Pa. - Two men robbed a Jeannette restaurant, but it wasn’t money they were after.

    Rather than making off with money from the cash register, the men took off with alcohol.

    Security cameras captured the burglars using a cinder block to smash the glass in the front door of the Grapeville Station Bar and Grill.

    One of the men then entered the restaurant and went straight for the cooler to grab two cases of beer, which he then handed off to his accomplice. He didn’t leave empty-handed though, making sure to take three bottles of liquor from behind the bar before leaving the restaurant.

    The men were wearing masks, hooded sweatshirts and gloves.

    “Generally, when people go in and just steal alcohol, it is usually people who are underage. The register there, they don't go for it. There wasn't any money in it anyways,” said Trooper Steve Limani.

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