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Lawrenceville coffee shop worker tries to lock robber inside



None - PITTSBURGH -- Workers at a coffee shop in Lawrenceville tried stopping a robbery attempt by locking the robber inside of the building Tuesday night.

Police said the robbery attempt happened at Crazy Mocha. Workers said the man walked into the shop and asked to use the bathroom. Afterward, he told a female worker to, "Go to the safe."

Investigators said the worker told the man that there was no safe, and she ran outside and locked the back and front doors while the suspect fidgeted with the store’s cash register.

Ken Zeff, the owner of Crazy Mocha, said the employee ran across the street and called police.

“When the robber saw our employee outside, he panicked,” Zeff said. “He grabbed the cash register and started running towards the back door.”

Police said the robber was still able to get away by breaking through a window. Workers said the man had a gun, but no one was hurt.

“He threw the cash register through the door and ran up the street,” Zeff said.

Zeff said he stresses to his employees that the most important thing is to keep themselves and the customers safe.

“You are always thinking about what could potentially happen, so I think it took a lot of bravery for her to do what she did,” Zeff said.

Police said no arrests have been made, but the robbery was caught on surveillance cameras.