• Legionella out of water at Sharpsburg Tower


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - After months of restrictions, residents can drink the water again at the Sharpsburg Tower.

    The Allegheny County Health Department told Channel 11 legionella is out of the water.  It was detected in November.

    One hundred residents had to adjust their water habits after a woman got sick.  Residents were given bottled water to drink.

    “They said the other water was safe enough to take a bath in or use to do the dishes or you could boil it if you were worried about it, but I didn’t do any of that, and I’m fine,” said Nancy Lintner.

    A device was installed to disinfect the water.  Residents said a worker came into their rooms once a week and ran the water for 20 minutes to flush the legionella out of the water.

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