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Local semi-pro wrestler accused of assaulting woman, police officer



BELLE VERNON, Pa. - A local semi-pro wrestler is apologizing for what police accuse him of doing on New Year's Day.

Investigators said Isaac Lancaster, once known as "Kid Lightning," is facing charges after he put a woman in a headlock, assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest at a home in Belle Vernon. Police filed the charges on Thursday.

Lancaster said he's never been in trouble before and he's sorry for what he did.

"I know I screwed up. It's done and over with," Lancaster told Channel 11's Julie Fine. "I got drunk and stupid and all I remember is starting to freak out."

According to the criminal complaint, police were called to Bluff Street after he allegedly put a woman into a headlock and was throwing things around the house.

"When they had attempted to arrest him that night he had assumed a wrestling stance and was not just not going to be arrested at that point," said Southwest Regional Police Chief John Hartman.

The arrested officer said Lancaster lunged at him in an aggressive matter and attempted to swing his fists at him. Investigators said Lancaster then tried to fight with the officer and kicked him in the face and chest.

Hartman said the officer had to shock Lancaster with a Taser to subdue him and take him into custody.

Lancaster said he feels awful about the incident and wants to put it behind him.

"Honestly I have the most respect for police officers because I wanted to be one. Like I said, the alcohol did do the better of me and I'm going to be paying for it," Lancaster said.