• Local student, her family tell bullying story; School makes changes


    SCOTTDALE, Pa. - A student and her family talked to Channel 11 about bullying Monday.
    Sierra Lewis, 13, spends most of her time indoors.  She has missed three weeks of school to avoid kids who she says relentlessly pick on her.
    “There have been a couple of bad days, really bad days like when people tell me to die and kill myself,” said Lewis.
    The seventh-grader from Southmoreland Middle School share some of the social media messages of students calling her mean names.
    “No kid should have to go through this, and kids should not be doing this,” said Lewis’ Sandra Snyder
    “I can’t do anything to protect her, and that’s what hurts me,” Lewis’ mother Jamie Wagner.
    An estimated 30 percent of students are bullied at school, and last year in Pennsylvania, more than 3,700 cases were reported.
    “There's a problem with bullying everywhere.  I would say that Southmoreland has a smaller problem than many schools,” Southmoreland Superintendent John Molnar.
    Molnar couldn’t talk about Lewis’ case because of privacy, but he said often with social media, his hands are tied.
    Since Lewis’ family contact Channel 11, the school has made some changes.  Lewis’ classes have been switched around, and she has changed buses.
    Lewis plans to study at a cyber school next year.


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