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Charges held against couple accused of severely abusing infant



NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pa. - All charges against a Loyalhanna Township couple accused of severely abusing their infant daughter last year were held for court Thursday.

Christopher Peterman and Elizabeth Fair are facing aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child charges.

Peterman and Fair denied any wrongdoings as they entered and left the courtroom Thursday.

However, investigators said the couple abused their 3-month-old daughter last October in their New Alexandria mobile home.

Doctors at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh said the baby had more than 30 rib fractures, a skull fracture, a broken femur, two fractured arms, a lacerated spleen, contusions to both lungs and a heart contusion.

A doctor testified at Thursday’s hearing that nothing but incredible violence could have caused the infant’s injuries. The doctor said the injuries were life-threatening and she was in a significant amount of pain.

 “It’s very upsetting and very compelling testimony of a very tragic injury to a 3-month-old baby,” defense attorney Timothy Dawson said.

Trooper said Peterman told them that the baby's bassinet frame collapsed on her.

Family members said the baby is being taken care of and she is recovering.

There is no word when Peterman and Fair’s trials will begin.