• Man accused in murder-for-hire plot in court; Would-be hitman talks to Channel 11


    INDIANA COUNTY, Pa. - An Indiana County man accused in a murder-for-hire plot appeared in court Thursday.

    A man Channel 11 isn’t identifying claims Kevin Peterman asked him to consider killing his estranged wife.

    “I said, '$1,000 down and $1,000 a month,'” the man said he told Peterman.

    “He (Peterman) said, ‘I’ll give you $5,000,'” he said.

    But it would never get that far.  The man was wearing a wire, and state police arrested Peterman.

    Peterman didn’t comment Thursday, but his aunt said, “Make sure you get the truth.”

    Peterman’s family blames his estranged wife for how things ended up.

    “If there was anybody else at the house, I was to kill them, too,” said the would-be hitman.

    Peterman’s attorney said he will attempt to have the bond reduced.  The judge at Thursday’s hearing rejected the attempt.  Peterman remains in jail.

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