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Man accused of setting 3 Beaver Co. fires arrested



BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. - Police arrested a man accused of setting a series of fires in a Beaver County neighborhood.

Authorities said James Hough, 26, was charged with setting fire to three houses on Fourth Avenue in Conway, including one he shared with his girlfriend and two infant daughters.

“I’m glad he’s arrested and glad he’s put behind bars,” one neighbor said.

According to police, Hough’s daughters were inside the house when he lit it on fire.

Investigators said Hough initially said he didn’t know how the fire started, but later admitted that he got into a fight with his girlfriend and lit his shirt on fire in a suicide attempt.

Hough also confessed to setting fires in two abandoned houses with the intention of killing himself, police said.

The Rev. Robert Jacob told Channel 11 News that no one realized what was going on with Hough.

“I didn’t know the man had that kind of difficulty or else I would have talked to him and try to help him,” Jacob said.