• Man randomly attacked by group of teens on North Side


    PITTSBURGH - A man said he was attacked by a group of teenagers on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

    “I felt a pain the back of my skull.  They hit me hard enough to drive me to my knees.  At that point, it almost felt like a dream,” said victim Josh Powers.

    The 28-year-old said the random attack in West Park put in the hospital for five days.

    “I believe their intent was just to knock me out.  For what reasons, I don’t know,” said Powers.

    The attack happened last Wednesday when Powers was on his way home from work and blocks away from his home.

    “I tried to fight back, but every time I got up to get a look at them, I got hit in the back of the head again.

    Powers said he managed to stumble to the YMCA across the street where someone called the paramedics.

    “Make sure to stay in well-lit areas with people to avoid this sort of thing,” said Powers.

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