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Man buys iPad for Charleroi boy with Down syndrome after boy's was stolen


CHARLEROI, Pa. - On Dec. 31, we posted a story about an iPad stolen from a Charleroi boy.  Elijah Miller, 6, who has Down syndrome, had used the tablet to communicate. 

After the story was posted and aired on WPXI-TV, emails and phone calls poured into our newsroom.  One of them came from a man in Allentown, Pa.

Eric Waksmunski has 3-year-old twins with Down syndrome and wanted to help.  Waksmunski bought Miller a new iPad.

“I enjoyed the ride coming out here knowing that I could help.  I feel great,” said Waksmunski.

The Millers are grateful.

“I didn’t think anybody cared.  Through this we learned so much,” said Michele Miller, Elijah Miller’s mother.

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