• Man holds up pharmacy to help dying brother


    SARVER, Pa. - Authorities said a man accused of trying to rob a Sarver pharmacy on Monday did so because he said he needed pills for his dying brother.

    According to police, Kenneth Miller walked into Colonial Pharmacy around 10 p.m. and told the clerk he had an explosion device, and demanded pills.

    According to the criminal complaint, Miller told the clerk, “Sorry to do this, but I need pain killers for a sick relative.”

    Authorities said the clerk told Miller they didn’t have any pills, so he left.

    Miller was arrested a short time later, and police said no explosives were found.

    Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz talked with Kenneth Miller’s wife, Cassie Miller, on Wednesday about the incident.

    Cassie Miller confirmed that her husband’s brother has a life-threatening illness, and said they’ve been “down on their luck.”

    "He's a good man and good father.  If he did it, he did it out of desperation to help his family," she said.

    Cassie Miller added that her husband has been very worried about his brother.

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