• Man risks life to save blind man from burning Pittsburgh home


    PITTSBURGH - A man risked his life to save another from a burning Marshall-Shadeland home.

    Paul Hinerman got to the fire scene before firefighters Sunday.  He didn't know the man inside was legally blind.

    Hinerman’s fiancée and children waited anxiously outside the home.

    “When he went in, it was just pure fear because we didn’t want him to get hurt or lose him,” said Hinerman’s son, Brandon Brown.

    Hinerman moved quickly past the kitchen, which was in flames, and headed to a back room where he found Ralph Lowe asleep on the couch.

    “I didn’t even wake him.  I just grabbed him and pulled him right out,” said Hinerman.

    Hinerman’s sons were relieved to see their dad and Lowe out of the fire and safe.

    Lowe said he may not have made it out without Hinerman.

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