• Man who ran on field during pierogi race at Pirates game talks to Channel 11


    PITTSBURGH - The man who ran onto the field shirtless during the pierogi race at the Pirates game last week talked to Channel 11 on Monday.

    Luke Oyler said he was with a Bible study group at the game.

    “I see a man who made a mistake.  I think God knew I was going to do it, and it was wrong in his eyes and wrong in my eyes,” said Oyler.

    The man explained he wanted the attention to promote his Christian rap video “Naked,” which he posted on YouTube last year.  It has a message about being transparent and not hiding anything from God.

    “An idea came into my head that this might be what it takes to get my name out there,” he explained.

    Oyler said he’s facing a $2,000 fine and hopes to auction off the shoes he wore that night to pay for it.  He said he could also be banned from PNC Park for life.

    Oyler also mentioned Monday that he just started writing a book “Freedom of Streak.”


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