• Mayor dodges Target 11's questions about grand jury probe


    PITTSBURGH - One day after his secretary and bodyguards testified before a federal grand jury, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl refused to answer any questions about the probe.

    Ravenstahl appeared at a promotion ceremony for police and firefighters Thursday, and after administering the oath, he posed for pictures.

    Ravenstahl said his administration is cooperating with investigators and he looks forward to the facts coming out.

    However, when Target 11 investigator Rick Earle tried to ask the mayor about his involvement, Ravenstahl ignored him.

    “Are you a target of the investigation?” Earle asked.

    “That’s all I’m going to say,” Ravenstahl said before walking away from reporters.

    Thus far, the investigation has led to the indictment of former Police Chief Nate Harper, who’s accused of using a secret slush fund for personal gain.

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