• Mayor: Mild winter could mean more road paving for city streets


    None - PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said the mild winter may help fund more paving projects for the city.

     The mayor said the savings on salt will hopefully be seen in more street repairs.

     Ravenstahl said residents should notice a major difference in the number of roads repaved this spring and summer, as long as the mild temperatures continue.

     "We could potentially be in the savings of around a $1 million," Ravenstahl said. "Of course there's still a month ahead of us yet and in March we've had some bad storms in March. So you never know what lies ahead."

     Drivers said they hope they'll be able to see changes as soon as possible.

     "Potholes are everywhere. You can't avoid them in Pittsburgh so I'm all for using the extra money to repair the potholes," said driver Juliet Black.

     "There are plenty of needs on our roads and the good news is if we do save on rock salt we will put those monies back into our public works budget," Ravenstahl said.

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