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Mayor Peduto announces new protected bike lanes



PITTSBURGH - Drivers tell horror stories about bicyclists, and bikers tell horror stories about drivers.  Well now, Pittsburgh has a plan to separate them.

“I was actually in the bike lane when a guy did a U-turn in front of me, and I went over the hood.  I had broken ribs and a sprained wrist,” said Darrin Filer.

Filer said he has been hit five times while riding his bike on the streets of Pittsburgh.

He welcomes a new lane that would protect bikers.

On Thursday, Mayor Bill Peduto unveiled plans to spend $250,000 in city funds and grants to build five miles of protected bike lanes.

Posts, markings and possibly a small curb will separate drivers from the cyclists.

“We are confident this will mean a safer street both for the motorist and the cyclist,” said Pat Hasset of the Pittsburgh Public Works.

The protected lanes are expected to be ready by Labor Day.