• Milk truck crashes into Hempfield Township home


    HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A milk truck crashed into a home in Hempfield Township Thursday.

    The 6,000-gallon milk truck rolled over, hit the home, damaged it and spilled milk everywhere.

    “Everything is soggy.  Every step you take is milk,” said Matt Trout, the homeowners' son.

    Trout rushed to his childhood home to check on his parents.  They were physically fine but emotionally shaken.

    Trout’s parents were getting ready for dinner  when the accident happened.

    “They thought it sounded like an earthquake,” said Trout.

    Officials said the truck’s driver lost control while driving down Stone Church Hill Road.

    “Most of the milk went into the house and down into the storm drains,” said Dan Stevens, the Westmoreland County emergency management chief.

    Officials said the driver was OK.

    Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson learned this was not the first crash at the family’s house.  Trout said his dad put large rocks in the yard to stop drivers.

    The homeowners are staying with relatives.

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