• Mom settles poppy seed lawsuit for $143K

    PITTSBURGH (AP) (AP)ong> - A western Pennsylvania hospital and a county child welfare agency have settled a lawsuit filed by a woman whose newborn was taken from her after she failed a hospital drug test because she ate a bagel with poppy seeds.

    Lawrence County Children and Youth Services and Jameson Hospital have paid $143,500 to settle the suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Elizabeth Mort, of New Castle.

    Mort said a poppy seed bagel spurred a positive test for opiates in April 2010. Her baby was returned five days later, after officials determined there was no evidence of drugs.

    ACLU officials said Tuesday the hospital and county have implemented policy changes so newborns aren't taken from their parents based only on maternal drug tests, which can be inaccurate.

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