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Mt. Pleasant street sign thief causes potential driving risk



None - MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. -- Police in Mount Pleasant said someone is stealing the area's street signs from their appropriate places and putting them in other places they don't belong.

 Investigators said the thief is likely placing the signs in other places to intentionally confuse drivers.

 Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Lou McQuillan said the sign thefts have been an ongoing problem that they're not taking lightly.

 "There are a lot of people on that road that may be unfamiliar with it. It's a turning intersection where people would be rolling right into an intersection when they are supposed to be stopping," said McQuillan of an intersection where a stop sign was stolen.

 McQuillan said a teenager was cited for vandalizing signs last summer. He said he plans on interviewing the teen to see if he knows anything about the recent crimes.