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Munhall Borough running out of money, could be forced to cut police officers



MUNHALL, Pa. - Tensions ran high at an emergency meeting in Munhall Friday night.  Borough leaders said they’re close to running out of money and they could be forced to cut police officers.

"If you guys choose to lay off 10 police officers at any given time, I ask you come down and live at my house,” said a resident.

People living in Munhall said there's too much crime to get rid of any police officers and immediately referenced this month's shooting at the Steak ‘n Shake at the Waterfront.

"Our community will go down the drain in an instant if you think nine police officers can handle this borough on their own," said another resident.

Munhall only has $20,000 in its checking account, and no bank wanted to give the community a loan because of bad bookkeeping.

"At the 11th hour this afternoon, due to some advertising we did, we placed a request for proposals in the newspapers and we've heard from people who have the ability to lend us money,” said Dan Lloyd, borough president.

Private loans come with a higher interest rate, but the borough has no other choice.  If the last-minute money doesn't come through, jobs will be on the chopping block.

The borough council blamed much of the money problems on the borough’s former manager who unexpectedly resigned last summer.

The police chief said the district attorney is investigating the former manager.