• Murdered couple's belongings being auctioned off at Slippery Rock estate


    SLIPPERY ROCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A dream home for owners Ken and Celeste Abbott turned into a murder scene in the summer of 2011 when the couple’s remains were found on the 25-acre lot on West Liberty Road in Slippery Rock Township.

    The couple’s son, Collin Abbott, was convicted of the murders and is currently doing time.

    Now, the $4 million estate is being liquidated in an auction on Saturday.

    The auction on Saturday will feature outdoor equipment, including horse haulers and heavy farm equipment.

    The second auction, which is scheduled for June 29, will have even bigger items, including muscle cars, Cadillacs, motorcycles and boats.

    Both auctions will take place outside of the house. No one will be allowed inside the house, and security guards will be present.

    The family said selling off the items is bittersweet.

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