• Mustache Institute announces move to Pittsburgh


    PITTSBURGH - The American Mustache Institute is bringing its passion for facial hair and “dynamic mustached American lifestyle” to Pittsburgh.

    The institute announced Friday at a City Hall press conference that it is moving from its Saint Louis headquarters and relocating to Pittsburgh.

    “There are big things in the works,” said Pittsburgh resident Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove, president of the American Mustache Institute. “What does this mean for Pittsburgh? What does this mean for the mustache lifestyle?”

    Causgrove said the goal of the group is to dismiss negative stereotypes about facial hair.

    “Along with the global headquarters, the think tank will be here as well,” said Causgrove.

    Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith recognizes the group’s charitable contributions.

    “I think there's a lot of positive about it. The lightheartedness aside, there's a lot of seriousness to benefit from it as well,” said Kail-Smith.

    However, some Pittsburghers who spoke with Channel 11’s Joe Holden said they had never even heard of the institute.

    “Is he serious? What does that mean?” said Anthony Nevels. “I never heard of it.”

    Others weren’t very enthusiastic about news of the move either.

    “I don’t like that,” said Maryann Smith. “Not at my age.”

    Pittsburgh also will now host the annual "Stache Bash" charity event, starting in October.

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