• Neighbors without water in Pittsburgh's Arlington neighborhood


    PITTSBURGH - Some neighbors in Pittsburgh’s Arlington neighborhood have been without running water for a while.
    Tamara Malburg said she hasn’t had water for a moth.
    “I’ve been brushing my teeth out of a glass,” she said.
    Malburg said she uses bottled water to do the dishes and bathe.
    “I don’t know what to do.  I’m fed up.  I’m glad you came out,” she told reporter Jodine Costanzo.
    Costanzo called Councilman Bruce Kraus and the PWSA.  She was told several other families are without water.
    The PWSA said it initially was an internal problem at Malburg’s house but then the company learned a service line had also frozen.
    The PWSA began repairs, but the Port Authority stopped the work because their engineers had to approve digging under trolley tracks, Costanzo reported.
    Repairs are expected to start Thursday.  Costanzo went back to Malburg’s house to tell her.
    “Oh my gosh.  I’m so excited,” said Malburg.  “Thank you so much sweetie.”

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