• New move within police department stirs controversy


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 News has learned that a new move within the Pittsburgh Police Department is stirring up some controversy.
    Target 11’s Rick Earle reported that Michelle Auge has been taken off the streets and named to the newly-created position of police liaison, where she’ll work closely with the new Public Safety Officer Steven Bucar.
    Police sources expressed concern to Earle about Auge’s past, which includes an assault charge Channel 11 News reported in 2006 (CLICK HERE for that story).
    According to the criminal complaint, Auge, whose last name was then McHenry, was off-duty and not in uniform when she allegedly punched her former boyfriend in the face.  He was charged also charged in the incident.
    Her boyfriend’s case was withdrawn, and there’s no record of any case against Auge, suggesting her case was also withdrawn and then expunged.
    Police spokeswoman Sonya Toler said Auge's past has been dealt with and is not an issue.
    “Whatever happened is in the officer’s past.  The police bureau has addressed that, and it’s not important at this point.  It has no bearing on her performance,” said Toler.

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