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Newell man facing multiple charges after police find military-grade explosives in home


NEWELL, Pa. - A Newell man is facing several charges after police said they found dangerous military-grade explosives inside of a home.

Southwest Regional Police officials said they served a warrant at a home on Miller Street on Monday after receiving a tip about possible stolen firearms inside.

While conducting a search, officers said they discovered several ammunition boxes, including one box of potentially explosive material.

The Allegheny County Bomb Squad was called and determined that the residence contained a total of 76.6 feet of military detonation cord, 6.6 feet of military fuse, 46 railway torpedoes, two military M18 red smoke grenades and 40 railway fuses.

 All explosive material was determined to be old and/or unstable.

During the search, Officers also seized two illegal double-edged knives, one double-edged sword, one double-edged spear, several magazines full of apparent AK-47 rounds, as well as three bottles of suspected "moonshine" illegal whiskey.

Jeffery Wilson, 58, of Newell is facing several charges including possession of weapons of mass destruction, receiving stolen property, causing or risking a catastrophe, possession or transportation of alcohol, possession of illegal alcohol and possession of prohibited offensive weapons.

A warrant has been issued for Wilson's arrest. He was last known to be out of state.