• Officials warn public about popular income tax scams


    PITTSBURGH - The Pennsylvania attorney general has issued a warning to watch out for income tax scams.

    Officials said the scams tend to pick up right before the filing deadline. Target 11 Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor uncovered what you need to watch out for.

    The con artists can be pretty clever. Often they pose as someone who can help you file your taxes or get you a speedy refund. 

    The attorney general warns the scammers' email messages and phone calls can sound very official, and they may ask for Social Security or bank account numbers.

    Remember, real government agencies will never ask for that information in an email.

    Here's some advice so you don't fall victim to these thieves.

    1. Keep tax paperwork in a safe location.              
    2. Shred any documents that are no longer needed.
    3. If you're filing online, make sure your firewall, antivirus and spyware software are up-to-date.

    Finally, don't put your taxes in your mailbox. Go directly to the post office and mail them from there.     

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