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Oil City man accused of torturing, trying to drown cat



OIL CITY, Pa. - An Oil City man is being investigated after police said a neighbor found one of his cats drowning in a trash can full of water.

According to police, Latisha Adams said she heard noises Sunday night outside of her home that sounded like a cat crying.

Authorities said Adams went to investigate and saw a cat trapped inside a raccoon cage, weighed down inside a 30 gallon trash can. The cat was fighting to breath.

“I was like, ‘Honey, get me the phone. You have no clue what I just found. We need to call the police,’” Adams said. “I pulled open the cage and the cat was so weak it couldn’t even walk. It was all bloody and it’s eye was hit with something.

Police said David Krawiec, 60, was in the process of downing the cat after he tortured it.

A veterinarian said the cat was shot with a BB gun because there were about 20 BB’s lodged into his body and eye.

Oil City Police Chief Robert Wenner said his office is investigating if Krawiec has done something like this before.

“The cat is in an animal hospital and is stable. It will lose at least one eye,” Wenner said. “There was enough there to file probable cause cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor 1, which is the highest level misdemeanor.”