• Owners want answers after Lawrence Co. dog attacked, killed


    NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A Lawrence County family is mourning the loss of their dog after it was attacked in their yard Tuesday.

    The dog, Reggie, suffered collapsed lungs and was rushed to the vet, but nothing could be done to save him, officials said.

    Reggie’s owner, Rochelle Ferlan, said she’s furious and called the police when the incident happened Tuesday.

    “I have to come home and see this dog running around happily and my dog’s dead,” Ferlan said.

    Ferlan said she’s been in contact with the dog warden, but the animal they believe attacked Reggie is still in the neighborhood.

    “My dog was tied up. He’s seven pounds and their dog is 50. How is he supposed to get away from that?” Ferlan said.

    New Castle police have not commented on the incident.

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