• Pa. considering expanding lottery gambling

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) (AP)ong> - Gov. Tom Corbett's administration says it believes that expanding Pennsylvania Lottery gambling to keno and online games will be one of the best ways to produce more revenue.

    The administration made the statement Friday. It continues to talk with companies about privatizing the management of the $3.5 billion lottery system under a 20-year agreement.

    Corbett's administration is keeping secret which companies it is talking with. In April, it issued a request for qualifications from interested companies. Lottery sales increased last fiscal year by 8.5 percent and opponents of privatization question why Corbett would want to pay a private company when sales are already increasing steadily.

    After prizes and expenses are paid, the money supports programs for the elderly, including transit, prescription drugs, senior centers and long-term care services.

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