Parent claims teacher allegedly assaulted her son at Pittsburgh public school


PITTSBURGH - A local mother is claiming that a Pittsburgh public school teacher slammed her 12-year-old son to the floor last month.

The allegation comes from Cherise Daniels who said her son was assaulted at Sunnyside Elementary.

According to Daniels, her son was putting his coat in his locker when the teacher grabbed the boy and forced him back into the school’s auditorium where the teacher allegedly slammed the boy to the ground.

Daniels is outraged that the teacher has not been punished for his alleged actions.

"If this was reversed, if that was my son who did that to a teacher, he probably would have been in Shuman (Juvenile Detention Center). And being that the teacher has been there every day since this situation has occurred, I definitely want to see disciplinary action happen," said Daniels.

Channel 11 contacted the Pittsburgh Public School District for its take on the allegation. The district released a statement that said, “All proper protocols were followed, which included a review by district staff as well as school police, and appropriate actions were taken.”  

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