• Parents voice concern after 11 Roosevelt Elementary students sent home with lice


    PITTSBURGH - Parents at a local elementary school are voicing their concern after almost a dozen kids were sent home from school Friday with an infestation of lice.

    Lisa McWhirter, who has a daughter in fifth grade at Roosevelt Elementary, said she is fed up with what she describes as a lice epidemic.

    "My daughter comes home sobbing, and she's embarrassed. And there's no reason for this. Take care of the problem," McWhirter said.

    According to McWhirter, her daughter has had lice three times this school year, as well as many other students.

    "I've called the board of education and nobody's returning my call. I've left messages for the superintendent and she has yet to call me back," another parent said.

    Parents told Channel 11's Brittny McGraw that the school has sent out notices on how to prevent the spread of lice.

    A spokesperson for Pittsburgh Public Schools told McGraw that the staff checked students for lice on Friday and found 11 with lice and sent them home. The staff checked those students again Monday and said they found zero with lice.

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