• Penguins continue supporting Franklin Regional victims


    PITTSBURGH - The Penguins and Rangers will battle Tuesday night in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals -- and they’ll do so with the support of one of the victims in the Franklin Regional stabbings.

    Beau Bennett and Robert Bortuzzo visited the victims of the stabbings at Forbes Regional Hospital two days after the attack.

    One of the victims was 15-year-old Greg Keener -- a huge Pens fan.

    “Me and Robert got the opportunity, and we were lucky enough to meet those guys. They’re battling,” Bennett said after Tuesday’s morning skate. “It kind of keeps everything in perspective. They’re going through a lot more than we’re going through right now.”

    Keener remains hospitalized, but in a statement his parents released, they said, “We are happy to report that Greg is alert and he is able to engage in daily activities, including sitting in a chair, some walking and watching the Penguins.”

    As the Penguins prepare for Game 7, they do so while their thoughts are with Keener and the rest of Franklin Regional.

    “They definitely have the support of our organization,” Bennett said. “We just wish them the best and hopefully they get well soon.”

    Keener’s family said Greg remains in fair condition. He could be moved out of the intensive care unit in the next few days.

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