• Pennsylvania's firearm deer season begins


    HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania's hunters hit the state's woods and fields for the start of deer season.

    Hunter Chas Knox told Channel 11 that his wife shot her first buck.

    "It was great. She made the shot.  She thought she missed it at first. I went down to track it for her, found it and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree," said Knox.

    Andrew Curtis said he drove from Maine to hunt with his brother.

    "It was great. I told him I shot mine. Four, five minutes later, he shot his," said Curtis.

    "You couldn't script it any better. To have that length of time between hunts together," said Curtis' brother, Michael Curtis.

    The state's two-week firearm deer season began Monday with some central Pennsylvania hunters under extra restrictions because of a deadly disease found in captive deer earlier this year.

    Hunters who take deer in a 600-square mile area covering parts of York and Adams counties must have them tested for chronic wasting disease. The neurological infection can't be transmitted to humans but is deadly to elk, moose and deer.

    Two deer on Adams County farms died of the disease earlier this year, making them the first cases reported in the state. No infections have been reported in the wild population.

    About 750,000 hunters are expected to take part in deer season.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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