• Pittsburgh Café among bars shut down, accused of failing to pay drink tax


    PITTSBURGH - The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department shut down three area bars Wednesday accused of owing thousands of dollars in drink tax.

    Authorities said The Pittsburgh Café in Oakland owes more than $12,000 in back drink tax. The county treasurer said the bar was warned of a possible closure several times.

    “It’s a pretty nice place. It’s usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights,” Pitt student Sam Algeo said.

    The second bar authorities closed down Wednesday was Mad Dogs on Saxonburg Boulevard in West Deer.

    Officials said Mad Dogs owes about $18,000 in back drink tax.

    The third bar closed was Reese’s Supper Club in Duquesne. Authorities said it owes about $11,000 in drink tax.

    Algeo said he thinks it should be a crime for bar owners to collect tax from the patrons and not turn it over to the county.

    “I don’t want them making more money than they should be,” Algeo said.

    Channel 11’s Alan Jennings reported the drink tax and car rental tax in 2011 brought in more than $37 million in revenue.

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