• Pittsburgh man with terminal cancer pleads for help in finding stolen husky


    PITTSBURGH - A woman was arrested Tuesday for stealing a dog from a man with terminal cancer, police said.

    For eight years, Mark Boehler and his best buddy and Siberian husky Thor have faced life’s toughest challenges, including a battle with cancer.

    “Please, I’m begging you.  I would like my dog back,” said Boehler.

    On Thanksgiving Day, Boehler returned home, and Thor wasn’t there.

    “It’s like someone breaking into your house and stealing the most valuable thing you own,” said Boehler.

    For months, Boehler struggled to find out who and why all while battling cancer.

    “They don’t know aggravation, the stress, the anxiety and the energy that this has taken out of me,” said Boehler.

    Police arrested Boehler’s neighbor, Gisele Paris, Tuesday, believing she took the dog from Boehler’s Spring Hill yard.

    According to police, Paris brought the dog to the vet, where the staff recognized him as a patient and as stolen.

    During Tuesday’s arrest, police said Paris kicked and punched officers and refused to give up the whereabouts of the dog.

    “My heart is broken just not knowing,” said Boehler.

    Boehler is hoping you can help him find Thor.

    The dog has a surgical scar around his right ear and will stop at the command “Yo.”

    “I’m sick.  I don’t know how long or whether I’m going to be able to beat this cancer, but I would just like to see him one more time.  That would be real nice,” Boehler said.

    If you have any information about Thor, call Pittsburgh police.

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