• Pittsburgh police officers test gun with more ‘stopping power'


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police officers tested a new gun Monday that officers say has more “stopping power” than the guns they currently use.

    Police officials said during a news conference on April 12 that they would ask for a test of their .40-caliber handgun ammunition because officers had raised concerns about the bullets' firepower after two high-profile incidents in which suspects were hit multiple times but kept fighting.

    According to Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson, the FBI Ballistic Research Facility concluded that the ammo “is consistent with (its) expectations of this cartridge.”

    However, officers tested a .45-caliber Glock on Monday, and union members told Target 11 investigator Rick Earle that they were pleased with the gun.

    Eric Engelhardt said that the .45-caliber has “a little less recoil, so it actually might improve officers' shot placement.”

    Union officials told Earle they want to recommend that officers have their choice of which gun to use.

    “If officers believe that they need a little bit more firepower, that they'd feel safer with a .45, that should be their option,” said Engelhardt.

    Another round of testing will take place in June before recommendations are sent to the chief, who will have the final say.


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