• Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint: ‘It won't stop me. I have to make money'


    BEAVER FALLS, Pa. - A pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night in Beaver Falls, according to police.

    Joshua Juzwick told Channel 11’s Brittny McGraw that he was making one of his last deliveries of the night on Fifth Avenue when a group of men rifled through his pockets and took everything he had.

    Juzwick said when he got to the delivery site, he couldn’t find the address, so he called the number it came from.

    He said a man then came out and held a gun to his face while three or four other men joined him and robbed Juzwick of everything he had.

    “They even took the Domino’s bag,” Juzwick said. “I was hoping I wasn’t going to get shot.”

    According to Juzwick, he had a bad feeling about making the delivery.

    “I told my boss that this delivery didn’t seem right. Everything was quiet in the background and they were laughing. They ordered $50 worth of food to make it believable,” Juzwick.

    Juzwick said he’s been a delivery driver for Domino’s in Rochester for about three months.

    “I kind of expected this would happen, but not this soon,” Juzwick said. “That’s not going to stop me. I have to make money somehow.”

    Beaver Falls police confirmed that they’re investigating the incident.

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