• Man charged in death of friend; He says they were playing with rifle


    MUDDY CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A man has been charged in the death of his friend in Butler County.

    Jeremey Sickenberger, 22, is facing a general homicide charge. 

    Earlier Friday, Sickenberger told Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz that he and his friend, T.J. Stockman, 21,  were playing with a rifle after watching a war scene of a movie.

    “We were just messing around.  As soon as he fell, I called the paramedic," he said.

    Sickenberger told detectives that the gun accidentally went off and a single bullet hit Stockman in the chest.

    “I lost my best friend, but it also feels like I lost a brother,” Sickenberger said.

    Sickenberger said they didn’t think the gun was loaded.

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