• Police: Man texted wrong number, asked constable to buy pot


    CHARLEROI, Pa. - Everyone has experienced dialing or texting the wrong number, but in this case, police said a man texted the wrong number when he was attempting to make a drug deal.

    A constable, who helps police escort suspects to and from jail, got a text from an unknown number, asking if he wanted to buy marijuana.

    “It must have been a wrong number.  He just happened to text the wrong person, and it turned out pretty bad for him,” said Police Chief Eric Porter.

    Police told the constable to respond to the text.

    The constable texted, “How much?”

    “A gram for $20,” the response said.

    The constable set up to buy the pot behind a hotel in Charleroi.

    Police arrested Jordan Burney, 20.

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