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Police: Marijuana, drug-making materials found in old fire hall



HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Everyone thought the old Natrona fire hall in Harrison Township had been empty for years, but police said drug activity has been going down there.

Channel 11 tracked down a neighbor who said police pulled out drug-making materials stacked 5 feet high.

"They pulled out a lot of growing materials for marijuana. Heat lamps, buckets -- all kinds of stuff," said Justin Walker.

Harrison Township police said they found marijuana inside the hall, as well.

"I had no idea. I just moved down here and can't believe it happened here," Walker said.

Police believe what they found is part of a large drug operation. They said they learned about it following an arrest for a domestic dispute over the weekend.

Officers and firefighters took all of the materials out Sunday night.

"I heard a fire truck. fire truck. I saw a bunch of lights in my room, and that's when I came out," said Walker.