• Police: Men snorted heroin while driving with children in backseat


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police said a man admitted to driving while high on drugs with his kids in the car.

    Two men from West Virginia are in the Allegheny County jail after police arrested them for allegedly snorting heroin in a Pittsburgh neighborhood.

    Police said the driver was David Ritchie and his adult passenger was Adam Strapazzon.

    The two were stopped Thursday along Steuben Street.  Police said the car driven by Ritchie had a broken brake light and was going way under the speed limit.

    Police found two small children in the backseat and in the front they said they found bags of heroin.

    According to police, bags of heroin fell out of the men’s hands and pockets.

    Zone 6 officers said, “Ritchie admitted to snorting heroin while driving.

    Drug tests showed heroin and marijuana in Ritchie’s system, police said.

    Strappazzon was wanted on an outstanding warrant, according to police.

    The children were picked up by their grandfather at zone 6 headquarters.

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