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Police say West End night club is draining law enforcement resources



PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police say a nightclub in West End is draining the resources of Zone 3 officers.

Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Kathy McNeilly said the most recent incident at Club Controversy was captured on surveillance video early Sunday morning.

McNeilly described the incident as a “mob scene” and said 32-year-old Woodrow Watkins was rushed to the hospital.

“It was serious enough so that we’ve had to deploy pepper spray to separate the combatants,” McNeilly said.

Investigators said because officers were busy responding to the club, Carson Street was left uncovered.

According to McNeilly, there have been at least three major fights at the club in the past month.

“When they have a fight that spills over into the parking lot, we have to respond from the South Side,” McNeilly said.

Police said the club is a nuisance bar, and they plan on going to the district attorney for help.

“We have responded there quite a few times for fights, and they’re draining our resources,” McNeilly said. “It’s just a bad scene.”